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About Vinny

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Vineeth engages in research at the intersection of AI, Cryptography, and Quantum Computing. His research spanned across Houck Quantum Computing Lab at Princeton University, Computer Science Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, and R&D of healthcare startup Owned Outcomes. 


He presented his work at NYU, Rutgers, Princeton and Carnegie Mellon Universities. Vineeth ’s research project on "Teenagers Cybersecurity Behavior's" was a finalist at Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.



Vineeth is the Founder & CEO of SafeTeensOnline, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established to develop safe cybersecurity practices and engage technology in empowering young adults. He is also a founder for the TEDxYouth@Newtown chapter motivating several young students to deliver their vision for the future.


SafeTeens is a  partner of Department of Homeland Security and have mentors from Georgia Tech, CMU and Princeton Universities with Ambassadors from 36 schools. SafeTeens raised more than 45K to promote the mission 



As a youth delegate at United Nations he formulated youth-led organizations to reduce inequality in opportunity (UN SDG10). He is developing a technology platform to connect students with opportunities of interest across the globe, partnering with various academic and research organizations.

He believes in equal opportunity and spoke extensively at several conferences including United Nations Youth Assembly, NYU and TEDxYouth events about the opportunity gap and untapped potential of  Gen Z's.



Vineeth is a senior at Lawrenceville school, studying Physics, Economics and Advanced Chinese.  He is co-president for Math club, anchor for sports radio and sports columnist for the school newspaper.  He is an active member of "Makers Space" initiative, promoting technology innovation hubs.


Vineeth is passionate about sports and played soccer, basketball, and track. He won several State level awards in hurdles and is a group captain of his varsity track team. As a Hutchins Scholar he mentors students in scientific research.



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