Lawrenceville Hutchins Scholar Program:                                         Jun ’17 - Present


Selected to the Hutchins Scholar program for intensive training and research in Molecular Biology (cloning the GAPDH gene from different plant species) and Environmental Chemistry (investigating how to make water from the local ponds potable). Researched on polymerase chain reaction, DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, sequencing, and bioinformatics. 


As part of the program I researched at Houck Lab (Princeton University) on a project involving creating Metamaterials to Encode Curvature in Superconducting Circuits. This work was supported by the Army Research Office through grant W911NF-15-1-0397 and the National Science Foundation  through grant no. DMR-0953475 and PHY-1055993.

Pennsylvania Governors School for Sciences (PGSS) :                    Jul ‘18 - Aug '18


I participated in five week intense sciences program at Carnegie Mellon University. The curriculum of the 2018 PGSS included five Core Courses and I completed courses on Biotechnology of Viruses, Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, and Concepts of Modern Physics. In addition I completed two elective courses in Foundations of Music: Science and Mathematics and Laser Technology. My research project in the area of Building an Artificial Intelligence to play StarCraft culminated in a team oral presentation at annual PGSS Research Symposium. 

Team research paper: “Bugs vs. Bots: An Adversarial Exploration of Machine Learning Applications in StarCraft 2”, published in 2018 PGSS Journal.

Program in Algorithmic and Combinatorial Thinking (PACT)            Jun ‘16 – Aug '18


Selected to PACT and participated in an eight week intensive program on discrete mathematics and advanced algorithms. Algorithms covered extensively are Shortest Paths, Minimum Spanning Trees, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming and NP-completeness. The program is partially funded by National Science Foundation and supported by Princeton University’s Center for Computational Intractability.


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