• Vineeth Veeramachaneni

Connecting Worlds; Quantum Computing towards Space

We’re going to space. And Quantum Computers are going to be there. Within a decade, we will have a colony on the moon, and potentially on Mars. Here’s how I think that quantum computing can be a part of this movement.

The future of space exploration involves a lot of computing power and simulations: where to go, what to look for, how to approach problems. In the middle of flights to the moon and Mars, spacecraft need to be able to maintain both external and internal stability, aiding both the spaceship and the crew. The quantum computer will be the watchtower, the eyes, and ears, of all space missions. Quantum Computers can use artificial intelligence to probe anomalies in space to a level which can generate an accurate map of our solar system and its features, and how it will affect its flight.

While some of this is currently done through advanced conventional technology, quantum computing leading to artificial intelligence would lead to the much more efficient use of these processes. Many of the problems associated with quantum computers on Earth, such as temperature, are solved in space, leaving quantum computers as low maintenance and high power. Through the use of artificial intelligence, a quantum computer autopilot could navigate around space debris and use graphene as an external mater, could even repair a damaged ship. These developments dramatically reduce the burden on navigators on Earth and maybe a safer alternative than making the human captains make a choice.

The colonization of Moon and Mars is in the discussion; there are a lot of factors that we need to control to simulate an Earth environment, such as atmosphere, protection from radiation, temperature control. Quantum computing can be at the heart of these developments, creating an easy and effective way to manage conditions, while also protecting them from being accessed by an adversary, since they are all computer controlled systems.

Quantum computing can also quicken communication from the moon and Mars. China has recently used quantum cryptography to communicate via satellite, and once quantum computing system is developed on alien colonies and deep space probes, information will be as quickly accessible as it is here on Earth. Deep space probes will be able to see things and send back information which we would have never imagined to find. Also, with the world as connected as it is, people from other celestial bodies will not be any different. You will have friends there. In short, quantum computing has the power to connect worlds.


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