• Vineeth Veeramachaneni

Is Silicon a viable option for Quantum computers?

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

The University of New South Wales has created a chip that replaces transistors with qubits. This allows for millions of qubits to be placed on a single chip, which is needed for quantum computers to do advanced functions, while also allowing manufacturers to use the same material to create chips, saving tremendously on machinery. In addition, because of lattice of qubits on the chip, qubit spins can be stabilized for longer amounts of time, which is one of the main barriers of current quantum computers, and what can help help the quantum computer actually function effectively in the future. I find it interesting how we are applying traditional implementations to quantum computing by using silicon chips to stabilize qubits, and I believe the same can be done with encryption schemes and improving them into quantum computing field.


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